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2022/07/05 15:48

ビットコイン相場 「観光客」が一掃され、ガチ勢のみが残った=グラスノード分析


2020/11/04 22:06

‘Digital Mercenaries’: Why Blockchain Analytics Firms Have Privacy Advocates Worried

Blockchain surveillance highlights the tension between further crypto transparency that encourages wider adoption and its cypherpunk roots.

2020/10/01 22:00

CipherTrace Outlines Regulatory Gray Zones Plaguing Booming DeFi Sector

Here's how blockchain analytics firms like CipherTrace and Elliptic are viewing DeFi and DEXs after the KuCoin hack.

2020/06/30 22:00

Elliptic Follows Chainalysis in Adding Zcash to Monitoring Platform

Elliptic, the blockchain analysis company, has added privacy coins zcash and horizen to its monitoring platform.

2019/11/22 06:00

Blockchain Sleuthing Firm Chainalysis Slashes 20% of Workforce

Chainalysis laid off 39 employees Thursday citing the need for a "path to profitability."

2019/11/19 22:00

PayPal Joins $4.2M Round for Crypto Banking Compliance Startup

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian’s Initialized Capital, Blockchain Capital and PayPal Ventures are backing TRM Labs in its effort to help financial firms manage crypto risk.

2019/09/24 21:00

Flipside Crypto Raises $7.1 Million to Give Tokens Better Analytics

This firm taps blockchain analytics across hundreds of projects to reveal what really makes prices go up.

2019/08/02 22:00

MIT’s AI Lab Crunched 200,000 Bitcoin Transactions. Only 2% Were ‘Illicit’

Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic partnered with MIT to analyze $6 billion worth of bitcoin transactions. Here's what they found.

2019/04/24 22:00

Chainalysis Adds Real-Time Transaction Monitoring for 4 More Cryptos

Blockchain compliance startup Chainalysis has added support for Binance’s native token BNB and three stablecoins to its transaction monitoring tool.

2019/03/12 22:30

Malta Teams With Crypto Security Firm to Manage Financial Crimes Risk

Malta is turning to crypto sleuthing startup CipherTrace for technical help addressing the risk of financial crimes in its digital asset industry.

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