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2020/03/17 12:14


仮想通貨取引所でステーブルコインのテザー(USDT)の提携企業であるビットフィネックスは、バハマ拠点の仮想通貨ヘッジファンド「Fulgur Alpha」を上場する。3月16日に発表した。時価総額は2800万ドル(約30億円)規模とされる。

2020/03/07 12:30



2020/02/29 11:53



2020/02/28 19:47

Major Crypto Exchanges Bitfinex and OKEx Hit by Service Denial Attacks

Both cryptocurrency exchanges have reported distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on their systems in the last 24 hours.

2020/02/03 17:00

Reginald Fowler Rejects Plea Deal in Crypto ‘Shadow Bank’ Case

Reginald Fowler has rejected a plea deal with the U.S. government in an ongoing case that accuses him of operating "shadow bank" services tied to crypto exchanges.

2020/01/31 11:52

Bitfinex Adds Margin Trading on Tether Gold With Pairs of Up to 5x Leverage

Bitfinex has launched margin trading for Tether Gold with select pairs of up to five times leverage.

2020/01/23 12:24

Law Firm Representing Quadriga’s Ex-Users Want Info About ‘Shadow Bank’ Crypto Capital

Miller Thomson, the court-appointed law firm representing former users of the QuadrigaCX exchange, wants information about Crypto Capital and whether it holds any of Quadriga's funds.

2020/01/23 00:32

Retail Accumulation? Number of Bitcoin Addresses With One or More Coins Sees Solid Rise

A key on-chain metric has witnessed solid growth over the past 12 months, possibly indicating steady accumulation of bitcoins by retail traders.

2020/01/18 07:05

Plaintiffs Combine Their Market-Manipulation Lawsuits Against Bitfinex and Tether

Three class action lawsuits alleging Bitfinex and Tether manipulated the bitcoin market have been combined in federal court, with the stablecoin issuer promising to fight the claims.

2020/01/15 16:54



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