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2020/10/31 04:00

Why Satoshi Chose Halloween to Release the Bitcoin White Paper

Was Satoshi’s release of the Bitcoin White Paper an allusion to the Reformation or something to do with the ancient pagan tradition of Samhain?

2019/05/30 20:00

Who Is Wei Liu? Second Copyright Filing Appears for Bitcoin White Paper

Craig Wright now has a legal rival for claimed authorship of the bitcoin white paper, as a second registration is filed with the U.S. Copyright Office.

2018/12/26 16:00

Crypto Is Down, So Why Am I Smiling?

One of the cryptographers most often cited in Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper has reason to think the industry's future is bright.

2018/11/03 20:15

Bitcoin Brought Us a New World We Could Have Only Imagined

It's been 10 years since bitcoin's white paper appeared and opened up a whole new world of possibilities, says BitGo's Mike Belshe.

2018/10/30 07:02

Planting Bitcoin  Part Three: Soil

The bitcoin white paper wasn't written for no one. It was a carefully targeted message designed to bootstrap growth.

2018/10/27 18:15

The Double-Spend (What Bitcoin's White Paper Solved Forever)

Bitcoin's white paper solving the double-spend problem in the digital world makes near real-time commerce possible across the entire planet.

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