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2020/06/01 22:00

Maker of Coldcard Bitcoin Wallet Rolls Out an Extra-Strength ‘USB Condom’

CoinKite, maker of the Coldcard hardware wallet, has introduced two accessories that underscore the near-paranoia required to safely hold bitcoin.

2020/01/23 00:32

Retail Accumulation? Number of Bitcoin Addresses With One or More Coins Sees Solid Rise

A key on-chain metric has witnessed solid growth over the past 12 months, possibly indicating steady accumulation of bitcoins by retail traders.

2019/12/14 04:15

Bitcoin App Bottle Pay Shuts Down Over Impending EU Money-Laundering Laws

Bottle Pay is shutting down, citing the EU's new AML rules, which could compel crypto wallet providers to collect KYC info from users starting next month.

2019/11/21 23:00

Maker of Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet Valued at $7.5M in First Equity Round

The privacy-centric Wasabi Wallet, launched by zkSNACKs in 2018, just raised its first equity investment from Cypherpunk Holdings, a publicly-traded Canadian fund.

2019/09/27 17:00

Lightning Sucks, But It Could Help Build a Bitcoin Economy

At least a dozen startups are now betting on the profitability of bitcoin birthing a "Lightning Economy." Is it too soon?

2019/08/01 21:00

Bitcoin Lightning Wallets Are Gaining Traction in 2019

Lightning usage is growing steadily in 2019, with several startups now offering retail-friendly wallets.

2018/12/28 20:02

Electrum Wallet Attack May Have Stolen As Much as 245 Bitcoin

A phishing attack on the Electrum wallet network has reportedly managed to steal bitcoin worth over $800,000.

2018/07/24 13:00

A New Bitcoin Wallet Fulfills an Old Privacy Promise

These cypherpunk crypto wallet projects want to bring fungibility to bitcoin.

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