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2020/11/02 23:00

Binance Labs–Backed ‘DeFi Credit Union’ Bringing Higher Yields to Savers in Nigeria

With backing from Binance Labs, Nigeria's Xend Finance is looking to bring DeFi to the world of local credit unions.

2019/09/05 22:00

Binance Labs Leads $5.7 Million Series A for Blockchain Maker Dapix

Binance Labs has led a $5.7 million round for Dapix , a startup that wants to simplify crypto wallet addresses across the industry.

2019/05/14 06:00

Nym Technologies Raises $2.5 Million to Anonymize Crypto Apps

This startup is betting tokens can help incentivize privacy infrastructure across the internet.

2019/04/12 23:30

Binance Labs Grants $45,000 to 3 Open-Source Blockchain Startups

Binance Labs has awarded grants of $15,000 each to three startups developing open-source blockchain technologies.

2018/12/14 05:00

Binance Is Expanding Its Crypto Incubator to 5 New Cities

One goal of the incubator is to foster projects that could get their tokens listed on Binance's exchange.

2018/10/09 00:59

A16z, Binance and More Back Oasis Labs' New Blockchain Incubator

Oasis Labs is launching an incubator program for startups focused on privacy applications of blockchain, and some big investors are on board.

2018/10/08 20:00

Binance Labs Invests Millions in Blockchain Auditing Platform CertiK

Binance Labs, the crypto exchange's incubator wing, says it has has invested millions in smart contract and blockchain auditing platform CertiK.

2018/06/21 23:00

IOST Blockchain Incubator Launches With $50 Million Fund

Bluehill, a startup incubator for global blockchain projects, launched on Thursday after raising $50 million to support the IOST ecosystem.

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