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2021/02/16 16:12

「驚くほど素晴らしい」「お金ではない」 米国の大統領と仮想通貨・ブロックチェーン


2018/10/02 04:10

Bill Clinton: Over-Regulation Could Kill Blockchain's 'Golden Goose'

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton highlighted the need to avoid too much regulation of new technologies like blockchain on Monday.

2018/08/01 11:45



2018/08/01 02:33

Former US President Bill Clinton to Give Keynote Speech at Ripple’s Fall Tech Conference

The 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, will give a keynote speech at Ripple’s Swell conference this fall, as well as a Q&A moderated by the former National Economic Council Director and Advisory

2018/08/01 01:55

Ripple Taps Bill Clinton to Give Keynote at Upcoming Conference

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will headline Ripple's Swell conference later this year, the cryptocurrency payments startup announced Tuesday.

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