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2021/02/03 14:25

プライバシー重視ブラウザ「ブレイブ」、アクティブユーザーが2020年に倍増  月間2500万人に


2020/09/04 05:31

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tanks to $10.4K; ETH Market Cap Share at 2020 High

Bitcoin’s price is dipping while ether’s share of the crypto market is at a level not seen since 2018.

2020/09/02 05:35

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Breaks $12K; Uniswap Crosses $1.5B Locked

Traders are optimistic bitcoin’s price can sustain $12,000 while crypto locked in Uniswap has exploded in the past week.

2020/08/25 05:24

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $11.8K; Ethereum Gas at All-Time High

Many bitcoin stakeholders expect a weak market this week to cap August while DeFi continues to stretch Ethereum’s network.

2020/04/04 11:22

どの仮想通貨が証券にあたるか? 米民間機関がBAT、IOTA、USDCの3通貨を評価


2020/04/01 04:50

Bitcoin’s Lightning Becomes Latest Protocol to Court Publishers With Micropayments

With paywall systems for a whole bevy of assets, crypto payments could revolutionize the media industry – if demand actually matched supply.

2019/08/16 09:30

Brave Browser Adds Access to New Crypto Wallets

Prior to the addition, Brave users could only place BATs in Uphold, a wallet Brave partnered with for BAT.

2019/08/02 06:00

You Can Now Tip On Twitter with Brave’s Basic Attention Token

Tweeters can tip content using Brave’s Basic Attention Token, adding to its micro-tipping services.

2019/04/25 01:01

View Ads, Get BAT: Brave Delivers on ICO Promise of Paid Web Browsing

The privacy-oriented Brave browser is launching today its long-anticipated product where web users are compensated for their attention.

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