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2019/01/17 18:00

Barclays and Clearmatics Call on Coders to Help Blockchains Talk to Each Other

U.K. bank Barclays and startup Clearmatics will hold a hackathon next month to spur ideas for blockchain interoperability.

2018/12/17 17:04



2018/11/16 07:48



2018/11/06 23:00

15 Banks Join DTCC Post-Trade Blockchain as Project Enters Testing

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation is now testing its main blockchain project with 15 global banks, before taking the tech live in 2019. 

2018/11/01 03:52

Coinbase's Head of Trading Resigns After Six Months on Job

The head of trading at Coinbase, Hunter Merghart, has resigned just six months after joining the crypto startup from Barclays, CoinDesk has learned.

2018/08/10 15:19


英国の投資銀行バークレイズ が9日、デリバティブ取引の効率化を目的としたブロックチェーンハッカソンを主催すると発表した。

2018/08/09 17:00

Barclays Is Pitting Blockchains Against Each Other (For a Cause)

The bank's DerivHack event will attempt to suss out which of the major enterprise DLT platforms works best for derivatives life cycle smart contracts.

2018/08/08 09:18



2018/07/30 17:00

IBM, Barclays and Citi Team Up to Launch Blockchain App Store for Banks

Announced Monday, LedgerConnect is the offspring of bank-owned currency trading utility CLS and enterprise software giant IBM.

2018/07/21 11:12



2018/07/20 05:45

Barclays Seeks Twin Blockchain Patents for Banking Services

Barclays Bank proposed using blockchain to make various banking processes more efficient in a pair of patent applications.

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