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2020/10/25 11:00



2020/10/23 22:48

Digital Ruble ‘Promising,’ Pilot Likely in 2021, Says Bank of Russia Chief

The Bank of Russia might launch its own CBDC, a digital ruble, after piloting the project at the end of next year, its chairwoman said.

2020/10/17 09:00



2020/10/14 20:38

Bank of Russia Seeks Limit on Amount of Digital Assets Retail Investors Can Buy

Non-qualified investors would be able to buy no more than 600,000 rubles worth of digital assets in one year, or about $7,740.

2020/05/28 22:32

Bank of Russia Wants to Put Mortgage Issuance on a Blockchain

Russia's is eyeing use cases for blockchain even as proposed legislation will clamp down on crypto.

2018/09/12 04:00

The Bank of Russia Says Its ICO Experiment Was a Success

The Bank of Russia has successfully concluded an experiment in conducting ICOs, though questions remain as to their legality in the nation.

2018/06/18 14:00

Russia's Largest Banks Are Piloting Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolios

Two of Russia's largest banks are planning to launch a cryptocurrency portfolio product for their private banking clients, Kommersant reported.

2018/06/15 07:00

Russian Treasurers Association Joins Masterchain Banking Pilot

The Russian Association of Corporate Treasurers is joining the nation's central bank in trialing the government-run Masterchain blockchain platform.

2018/05/28 22:00

Bank of Russia Official: Still Too Early to Gauge Blockchain's Potential

A senior official at Russia's central bank has said blockchain technology is immature but may have industrial-scale applications.

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