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2019/09/17 13:00

The First Yearlong ICO for EOS Raised $4 Billion. The Second? Just $2.8 Million

LiquidApps, an EOS scaling project, imitated Block.One's record-setting ICO strategy but has been met with far less investor interest.

2019/03/14 12:20

Crypto Mogul Moshe Hogeg’s ICOs Have Unusual Patterns, Analysis Finds

Controversy looms overhead as Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg promote's Sirin Labs' blockchain phone.

2019/02/21 05:00

A David vs. Goliath Battle Is Brewing in Ethereum Decentralized Exchange Race

Data provided to CoinDesk shows that one of the biggest ICOs ever isn't guaranteeing success for Bancor. For two days last week, the three-month-old Uniswap saw more volume.

2018/09/18 03:00

Ethereum Dapp Bancor Is Expanding to EOS for Fast, Free Transactions

Bancor has announced plans to launch on EOS, expanding its decentralized token exchange protocol to a second blockchain.

2018/07/24 01:00

Decentralized Exchanges Aren't Living Up to Their Name – And Data Proves It

"DEX" is a hot buzzword in crypto trading, but the current models actually offer a spectrum of technologies with varying degrees of centralization.

2018/07/15 19:40

$13.5 Million Hack Ignites Fresh Debate Over Crypto Project Bancor

The security breach of a well-funded blockchain project renewed critiques against its technology this week.

2018/07/14 18:08

「分散型取引所」の名誉挽回なるか バンコールが「仮想通貨防衛連合」構想を明かす


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