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2019/11/20 16:58

高級車ランボルギーニ、セールスフォースの独自ブロックチェーン採用 二次流通車の認証プロセスに【ニュース】


2019/05/11 03:00

William Shatner Joins Effort to Fight Collectibles Fraud With Blockchain ‘Passports’

Star Trek acting legend and producer William Shatner has joined an initiative to tackle fake memorabilia and collectibles using blockchain tech.

2019/02/21 22:00

LA Kings Now Let Fans Verify Merchandise Using a Blockchain App

The U.S. ice hockey team has launched a blockchain-based app allowing fans to ensure their merchandise and memorabilia are the real deal.

2019/02/21 06:01

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Sees Pros and Cons in Blockchain Logins

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's seriously evaluating blockchain's potential for decentralized single logins.

2018/11/09 22:10

Malaysian Government, Universities Team to Put Degrees on a Blockchain

Malaysia's education ministry has formed a new consortium of universities to issue and verify degrees on the NEM blockchain.

2018/08/17 21:30

Capital One Seeks Blockchain Patent for 'Collaborative' Authentication Tool

In a patent filing released Thursday, Capital One set out a blockchain system its says allows secure user authentication across multiple platforms.

2018/05/17 22:45

Social Network Adopts Civic's Blockchain ID System

Civic has launched a decentralized identity verification system, and crypto social network platform Hilo is the first to use it.

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