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2020/12/24 14:21

オーストラリア 「5人に1人は仮想通貨を保有」 取引所が1100人を対象に調査


2020/12/02 18:32 Secures Australian Financial Service License has secured an Australian Financial Service License through its acquisition of The Card Group.

2020/12/02 17:54

Australian Crypto Exchange Exposes Personal Data of 270K Users

BTC Markets, one of Australia's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has accidentally exposed users' data, raising the risk of phishing attacks.

2020/12/02 16:25

仮想通貨企業、オーストラリアで金融サービスライセンスを獲得 | 現地企業を買収


2020/11/04 18:58

Australian Senator Touts Blockchain Tech for ‘One-Touch’ Government

An Australian senator has come out as a big fan of blockchain, saying the technology could help facilitate government processes, tighten up financial regulation and more.

2020/11/02 14:05

豪中銀、これまでの態度一変 CBDCの可能性探るプロジェクト開始


2020/10/20 18:20

Blockchain-Based Trading System Steps Closer to ASX Access

National Stock Exchange of Australia is now in talks with Australia's securities regulator to finalize access for its DLT system to ASX Clear, it said.

2020/10/01 17:41

Australia to Spend $575M on Tech Including Blockchain to Boost Pandemic Recovery

The investment comes as Australia attempts to make a recovery from the recession brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020/09/18 17:18

中央銀国デジタル通貨、オーストラリアは慎重姿勢 「強力なポリシーケースは存在せす」


2020/09/06 09:00



2020/09/03 17:47

Digital Bank Revolut Expands Crypto Buying and Selling Service to Australia

The U.K.-based fintech firm has opened up its cryptocurrency services to Australian residents for the first time.

2020/08/25 17:30

Australian Conman Extradited Over Alleged Fraud Involving $1.2M in Bitcoin

An Australian serial conman has been extradited to New South Wales to face fraud charges involving over $1 million in bitcoin.

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