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2020/09/25 01:18

ConsenSys-Incubated Startup Releases In-Browser Atomic Swap Wallet for DeFi

ConsenSys-incubated startup Liquality’s new wallet lets you atomically swap digital assets directly from your browser.

2020/05/17 20:48



2019/07/03 23:00

Blockstream Launches Atomic Swaps on Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain

Blockstream has created an "experimental" tool making it easier for users to trade "trustlessly" between tokens on its Liquid sidechain.

2019/01/29 00:41

Crypto Startup Wants You to Trade on Exchanges Without Trusting Them

The Arwen protocol, launched on testnet Monday, aims to let centralized exchange users self-custody their private keys and conduct transactions off-chain.

2018/09/08 18:30

This Tech Lets You Send Any Cryptocurrency to the Lightning Network

A new type of lightning tech for swapping different types of transactions is seeing new tests with real money on the line.

2018/08/24 13:00

A Fight Is Breaking Out Over Bitcoin Cash – And It Just Might Split the Code

Bitcoin cash devs are fighting over what code changes to make next. If no one compromises, hard-forked coin could itself split into two.

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