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2020/04/02 00:00

AT&T Files for Dismissal in $24M Phone Hack Case, Claims Crypto Exec Didn’t Read T&Cs

Terpin claims he lost $24 million in crypto due to AT&T's negligence. The firm says he didn't read the company's policy documents.

2019/10/26 17:20

Another AT&T SIM Swapping Hack Targets Trio of Crypto Execs

Another crypto executive is suing AT&T over a SIM swapping hack that he claims cost him $1.7 million in digital assets.

2019/10/23 17:23

SIMスワップによる携帯ハッキング 米通信委員会に対策求める=2400万ドル分の仮想通貨盗まれた被害者【ニュース】


2019/07/24 12:28



2019/05/24 11:27


米国通信大手のAT&Tは通信料の支払いにビットコインを受け付けることを発表した。暗号通貨支払いプロセッサーであるBitPayと提携して行う。 AT&Tコミュニケーションズファイナンス事業本部副社長のケビン・マクドマン氏は、「私たちには暗号通貨を使用する顧客がいます、そして彼らが彼らが好む方法で彼らの手形を支払う方法を彼らに提供できることを嬉しく思います。」と話した。 顧客は、自 [...]

2019/05/24 02:11

AT&T Teams With BitPay to Accept Bill Payments in Crypto

You can now pay your AT&T bill with crypto.

2019/05/01 18:45

Amazon Web Services Opens Blockchain Building Service Up for Wider Use

Amazon Web Services has taken its Managed Blockchain service out of preview mode, meaning more firms can now use the platform to build products.

2018/11/09 21:10

Victims Sue AT&T, T-Mobile Over 'SIM Swap' Crypto Hacks

A cryptocurrency-focused law firm in the U.S. says it has filed lawsuits against AT&T and T-Mobile on behalf of victims of "SIM swapping" hacks.

2018/09/28 00:10

AT&T Launches Blockchain Solutions Targeting Supply Chain and Healthcare

The world's largest telecoms firm, AT&T, has launched a suite of blockchain services targeting diverse industries.

2018/08/16 02:45

AT&T Sued for $224 Million After Phone Hackers Rob Crypto Investor

Michael Terpin is suing AT&T, claiming the company's failure to protect his cellphone data led to hackers stealing $24 million in cryptocurrencies.

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