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2019/06/07 17:00

NEO Releases Detailed Financials Ahead of Cryptocurrency Relaunch

Many of the companies associated with NEO have proven to be a lucrative boon for token cofounders Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei.

2019/06/05 22:30

Japan’s Crypto Traders May Face Closer Scrutiny Over Tax Avoidance

Japanese tax authorities are said to be planning to take action on the under-reporting of cryptocurrency-based profits.

2019/06/04 18:17

BitConnect Promoter Wanted Over Another Alleged Crypto Scam

A promoter of the now-shuttered crypto fraud BitConnect has again been charged over a different claimed cryptocurrency scam.

2019/05/30 18:00

China Authorities Probe Alleged Illegal Bitcoin Mining Sites at Hydro Plants

Authorities in Sichuan province are reportedly probing into local bitcoin mining farms that may have been constructed without official approval.

2019/05/29 19:00

Rakuten Brings in Compliance Partner for New Crypto Exchange

E-commerce giant Rakuten has partnered with blockchain analytics firm CipherTrace to ensure AML compliance for its soon-to-launch exchange platform.

2019/05/28 21:15

Korean Government Plans Action Over Risks of Resurgent Crypto Market

With the price of bitcoin surging, the South Korean government has held an inter-agency emergency meeting over the risk for investors.

2019/05/24 18:00

Security Token Platform iSTOX Admitted to Central Bank Sandbox

iSTOX, a Singapore Exchange-backed security token platform, has joined a regulatory sandbox set up by Singapore's central bank.

2019/05/23 22:30

Japan Scrutinizing Crypto Exchanges Ahead of G20 Summit

Japan’s financial watchdog is said to be inspecting crypto exchanges over anti-money laundering measures ahead of June's G20 meeting.

2019/04/29 19:30

Australian Crypto Scam Reports Rose Almost 200% in 2018

Australia saw a surge in reports of scams involving cryptocurrencies last year, according to the country's consumer watchdog.

2019/04/26 22:00

Indian Government Again Discussing Ban on Cryptocurrencies: Report

The government of India is said to be renewing its efforts to completely outlaw public cryptocurrencies, according to The Economic Times.

2019/04/26 19:00

New Crypto-Mining Malware Targeting Asian Firms With NSA Tools

A new form of malware discovered by Symantec is targeting enterprises using leaked NSA tools to infect networks and mine monero.

2019/04/24 23:00

China’s Foreign Exchange Regulator Piloting Blockchain in Trade Finance

The agency that regulates and manages China's foreign exchange reserves will trial a blockchain system addressing inefficiencies in cross-border trade.

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