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2019/11/13 02:15

China Central Bank Official: Digital Yuan Should Have ‘Controllable Anonymity’

China's proposed digital yuan should strike a balance between protecting privacy and regulatory enforcement, a central bank official said.

2019/11/12 03:11

Alibaba Offers Bitcoin Rewards Through Lolli Shopping App for ‘Singles Day’

Lolli will offer Alibaba customers bitcoin back on their purchases with a new partnership.

2019/10/31 19:20

Bitcoin Dissident Sees Dark Warnings in China’s Blockchain Push

Grave concerns about the evolution of blockchain technology from someone who lived in China and used bitcoin for its censorship-resistant value.

2019/10/30 04:30

‘Clicks and Bricks’ Strategy to Drive Korean Users to Terra’s Blockchain

Terra Blockchain's CHAI dapp is rolling out a back-to-basics "clicks and bricks" growth strategy to boost retail adoption in South Korea.

2019/10/30 04:15

Chinese State-Owned Media Try to Dampen Market’s Crypto Enthusiasm

Chinese state-backed media are warning investors to remain rational amid a spike in interest in crypto companies.

2019/10/30 04:00

China Announces New Regulatory Authority to Certify Digital Payments, Blockchain Products

China’s central bank will certify a list of fintech products that are widely used for digital payment and blockchain services with its verification system.

2019/10/29 21:05

Tencent to Lead Drafting of International Blockchain-Based Invoice Standards

The internet giant, which has been working on blockchain-based invoices for some time, will lead the development of new standards.

2019/10/29 04:40

Chinese Official Warns Libra Could Abet Illegal Cross-Border Transfers

Libra must abide by international foreign exchange regulations to not enable illegal transfers or “it should be banned,” a senior Chinese regulator said Monday.

2019/10/28 11:30

From Banking Giants to Tech Darlings, China Reveals Over 500 Enterprise Blockchain Projects

As President Xi called on China to seize blockchain opportunities, industry heavyweights are already leading hundreds of enterprise projects.

2019/10/26 02:15

Bitcoin Jumps 12% as China’s Xi Embraces Blockchain, Boosting Crypto Sentiment

Bitcoin prices surged Friday after the Chinese President said his countrymen should "seize the opportunity" afforded by blockchain technology.

2019/10/25 20:12

President Xi Says China Should ‘Seize Opportunity’ to Adopt Blockchain

In his first major comments on blockchain, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the country should implement the technology across the economy.

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