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2020/09/02 21:00

The Tapscotts Take Their Blockchain Research Institute Into Europe

Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), the consultancy founded by father-and-son tech evangelists Don and Alex Tapscott, has opened a European arm.

2020/02/22 19:25

When Money Becomes Programmable – Part 1

We may be moving us toward a model of programmable money that incorporates an automated internal governance of common resources and encourages collaboration among communities.

2020/02/20 02:21

Financial Services: The Coming Cataclysm

The next era of financial services will pit Wall Street against Silicon Valley against open protocols, like bitcoin, says author Alex Tapscott.

2019/05/16 14:29

仮想通貨ベストセラー「ブロックチェーン・レボリューション」著者 米証券法違反で罰金


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