Capital One Seeks Blockchain Patent for 'Collaborative' Authentication Tool

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資本金 1 つのより便利で安全なユーザー認証方法の到来を告げる blockchain 技術を使用してに取り組んでいる米銀行大手の銀行のセキュリティなどインスタンスします。
2017 年 6 月に米国特許商標庁 (USPTO) に提出された特許出願の継続、首都 1 つ設定を受信、格納およびリリース ファイリングによると暗号化されたユーザー認証データを取得する blockchain システムを木曜日。
つまり、メソッドは、認証 p を開始するときユーザーの識別データを取得します.

U.S. banking giant Capital One is working on using blockchain technology to usher in more convenient and secure user authentication methods for instances such as banking security.
In a continuation of a patent application submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) back in June 2017, Capital One sets out a blockchain system that will receive, store and retrieve encrypted user authentication data, according to a filing released Thursday.
The proposed idea is described as "a distributed, non-reputable record of authentication interactions" that allows users to authenticate themselves across multiple platforms, but limits how much personal information is shared between them.
In effect, the method retrieves identification data on a user when they commence the authentication p...

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