Steam Yanks Game From Marketplace Over Crypto Mining Allegations



蒸気の親会社、バルブ、cryptocurrencies を採掘するゲーマーの処理能力をハイジャックの蒸気から Abstracticism を起動しました。会社はさらに出版社 とプラットフォームの今後から開発者 Okalo 連合を禁止しました。
「我々 は Abstractism を削除が、その開発者の蒸気から出荷承認されていないコードのコンテンツ、トローリング、不正なゲーム内アイテムを顧客を騙してを禁止」同社は声明で。

Abstracticism の鉱山のメンバーによって呼び出された報告、.

Video game marketplace Steam removed an alleged crypto miner from its platform Monday amid user complaints, Motherboard reported.
Steam's parent company, Valve, booted Abstracticism from Steam for hijacking gamers' processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. The company further banned publisher and developer Okalo Union from the platform going forward.
The game also reportedly tried to scam its users by creating fake items for them to purchase or sell on grey market websites for profit, according to the report.
"We have removed Abstractism and banned its developer from Steam for shipping unauthorized code, trolling with content, and scamming customers with deceptive in-game items," the company said in a statement.

Abstracticism's reported mining was called by a member of the...

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