Circle Survey Finds Twice As Many Men Invest in Cryptocurrencies As Women

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4 つの新世紀 cryptocurrencies 今後 1 年間の投資の興味を持っています。
暗号支払いスタートアップ円調査以上 3,000 の個人の今週、千年投資家の大半が「積極的」であることを信じていることを見つけること結果よると。世代の異なる 3 いたインタビュー-新世紀、世代 x と団塊の世代。
ゴールドマン ・ サックス証券の決済プラットフォームは、それは「積極的な投資」として識別されるユーザーからの応答を公開のみがその結果を収集するのに調査モンキーを使用
特に、結果は二度ほぼ多くの男性、女性、男性新世紀世代の 42%、gen 三宝の 34%、ベビー ・ ブーマーの 16% が資産クラスに見た表示よりも cryptocurrencies で投資を発見した.

One in four millennials are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies over the next year.
Crypto payments startup Circle conducted a survey of more than 3,000 individuals earlier this week, finding that a majority of millennial investors believe themselves to be "aggressive," according to the results. Three different generations were interviewed –millennials, generation x and baby boomers.
The Goldman Sachs-backed payment platform used Survey Monkey to collect its results, though only it only published responses from users who identified as "aggressive investors."
Notably, the results found that nearly twice as many men invest in cryptocurrencies than women, showing that 42 percent of male millennials, 34 percent of gen xers and 16 percent of baby boomers have looked into asset class...

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