Fed Governor Says 'No Compelling Need' for US Central Bank Crypto

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サンフランシスコの昨日復号のデジタル通貨会議で言えば、ブレイナード空港と中央銀行中は、cryptocurrencies に関連付けられている課題の彼ら」が耐えられない近い精査"数に対処するためデジタル通貨が見えるかもしれません、
さらに、モバイル アプリケーションやその他の手段を通じて直接デジタル支払いを交換する簡単な方法を見つけることの人々 アメリカの消費者は、リアルタイムで電子決済を行う複数の方法を受信する可能性があります。

Lael Brainard, member of the board of governors at the U.S. Federal Reserve, has said she does not see a "compelling" need for a Fed-issued digital currency.
Speaking at the Decoding Digital Currency Conference yesterday in San Francisco, Brainard said that, while central bank digital currencies may seem to address a number of challenges associated with cryptocurrencies, they "may not withstand closer scrutiny."
Further, with people finding easier ways to exchange digital payments directly through mobile applications and other means, American consumers are likely to receive multiple ways of making electronic payments in real-time.
She noted:

"Finally, there is no compelling demonstrated need for a Fed-issued digital currency."
Elsewhere in the speech, Brainard once again made it clea...

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