Australia's Securities Watchdog Has Halted 5 ICOs Since April

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オーストラリア証券・投資委員会 (ASIC) 言った先週後半・ 4 月以降の開催から 5 初期コイン製品 (アイコス) が停止しています。
「ASIC が 1 つ完成した ICO に関してさらなる行動をとる、」代理店は追加の詳細を提供することがなく追加されます。
このような作業は、今年問い合わせた ICO 発行者だった、ストップを置くものそれは私に向かって虚偽と判断と言ったときの ASIC が強調された.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) said late last week that it has stopped five initial coin offerings (ICOs) from taking place since April.
In a statement, the commission indicated that some of those token sales – which were unnamed – "will be restructured to comply with the applicable legal requirements." It's a notable, statement from Australia's chief securities market regulator, signaling that it is open to some ICOs – albeit ones that are conducted within the parameters of its legal statutes.
"ASIC is taking further action in respect of one completed ICO," the agency added without offering additional details.
Such work was highlighted earlier this year when ASIC said that it was contacted ICO issuers and putting a stop to ones it deemed deceptive toward i...

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