Left, Right and Center: Crypto Isn't Just for Libertarians Anymore

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確かに、多くの早期導入、bitcoin の革命的な可能性に引き込まれ、リバタリアニズムと cryptocurrency との間の緊密な関係が続いています。
CoinDesk 研究では、第 2 四半期 Blockchain 感情状態の調査でこの関連付けをテストする機会を取った。さまざまな質問の中でいくつかに関連する技術だけでなく、一般に特定の硬貨として暗号のコミュニティの政治 leanings を発見が目的だった。

1,200 以上の暗号コミュニティの回答者は 8% アナルコ ・ キャピタ リスト、自由を擁護する 24%、21% 保守主義者決裂.

While some say crypto is apolitical, others argue a technology that takes direct aim at central bank-driven monetary policy can't be anything otherwise.
Indeed, many early adopters were drawn to bitcoin's revolutionary potential and there has long been a close association between libertarianism and cryptocurrency.
CoinDesk Research took the opportunity to test this association in our Q2 State of Blockchain Sentiment Survey. Among a wide range of questions, some were aimed at discovering the political leanings of the crypto community as they relate to the technology in general, as well as to specific coins.
And the findings were surprising.

The more than 1,200 crypto community respondents broke down to 8 percent anarcho-capitalists, 24 percent libertarians, 21 percent conservatives...

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