DeVere Group Targets Arbitrage With New Crypto Fund

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イギリスの金融諮問会社デベラ $ 100 億のアドバイスと管理の下で、以上によると、グループは積極的にマネージ cryptocurrency 基金を開始しました。
木曜日のプレス リリースで発表したと呼ばれるデベラ デジタル資産資金を提供し、新たな投資は、ドバイのヘッジファンド ・ マネジャー、だるま・ キャピタル ・ マネジメントとの提携で起動させています。
Cryptocurrency 交流 [店頭] 店頭市場とを活用して裁定を含む – さまざまなプラットフォーム上のアルゴリズム取引を使用してさまざまなデジタル資産のポートフォリオに投資いたします。

裁定を含む資産 o を購入.

U.K.-based financial advisory firm deVere Group, which says it has over $10 billion under advice and management, has launched an actively managed cryptocurrency fund.
Announced in a press release Thursday, the new investment offering, called deVere Digital Asset Funds, is being launched in partnership with Dubai-based hedge fund manager Dalma Capital Management.
The fund will provide investors with a diversified exposure to digital currencies, but aims to reduce the volatility "for which the market is known," deVere states.
The fund will invest in a portfolio of various digital assets using algorithmic trading over different platforms – including cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC [over the counter] markets, as well as taking advantage of arbitrage.

Arbitrage involves buying an asset o...

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