EU Markets Regulator Budgets €1.1 Million to Monitor Cryptos, Fintech

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EU の金融市場の監視は、それが設定している脇以上 € 100 万 2019年中 cryptocurrencies その他フィンテックの活動を監視するために明らかにしました。
年間作業計画-9 月 26 日付発表-欧州証券および市場の権限 (エスマ) リストの主要な優先事項来年のため、さらに予算とその焦点のメインエリアの間でスタッフの番号を設定の 2019 年に明らかにされました。

The EU's financial markets watchdog has revealed that it is setting aside over €1 million in order to monitor cryptocurrencies and other fintech activities during 2019.
As revealed in its 2019 Annual Work Programme – dated September 26 but released today – the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) lists its key priorities for the coming year and further sets out budgeting and staffing numbers across its main areas of focus.
The agency explains in the document that, as part of its remit to protect the economic bloc's financial well-being, it takes a "particular focus" on financial innovation including crypto assets, adding that it actively looks for issues and risks connected to such activities.
It further helps coordinate the region's regulatory initiatives on market monitor...

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