Victims Sue AT&T, T-Mobile Over 'SIM Swap' Crypto Hacks

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銀ミラー。米国に拠点を置く cryptocurrency 焦点を当てて法律事務所は言うそれは AT に対する仲裁請求を提出

Silver Miller. a cryptocurrency-focused law firm based in the U.S., says it has filed arbitration claims against AT&T and T-Mobile on behalf of victims of "SIM swapping" cellphone hacks.
Initiating the court actions on behalf of clients that have lost funds to criminals that used the increasingly common method of infiltrating mobile devices to access cryptocurrency wallets and two-factor authentication codes, the firm alleges:
"By leaving holes in their security protocols and failing to properly train and monitor their employees, cellphone providers have assisted thieves in remotely taking over the SIM cards in people's smartphones, accessing financial records and account information of the victims, and emptying the victim's accounts of cryptocurrency and other valuable assets."

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