Binance Taps UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador to Lead Charity Effort

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親善大使の国連工業開発機構 (UNIDO) は、Binance の新しい慈善財団暗号交換の頭として選ばれています。
移動は本日、ヘレン ・ ハイ-その作品は開発アフリカ-Binance 慈善財団は、世界の貿易量が最大交換の 1 つの慈善事業部門の上部に主に焦点を置きます。
「ヘレンは、財団使命に忠実な信者: 社会的なよいための Blockchain。Blockchain がチャリティーを透明に、それゆえ技術と革新を使用して国連の持続可能な開発目標をサポートする、"交換は声明で述べた。

A goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has been named as the head of crypto exchange Binance's new charity foundation.
Announced today, the move puts Helen Hai – whose work is primarily focused on development in Africa – at the top of the Binance Charity Foundation, the philanthropic arm of one of the world's largest exchanges by trade volume.
"Helen is a true believer in the Foundation's mandate: Blockchain for social good. Blockchain can make charity transparent, hence using technology and innovation to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals," the exchange said in a statement.
Hai is said to have led a charity effort on behalf of the foundation last month, which saw the collection of donations for East Africa's jobs developmen...

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