Bitcoin's White Paper Gave Us Liberty – Let's Not Give It Back

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1 つ bitcoin の初期起業家、チャーリー ・ Shrem は BitInstant の元の創設者、cryptocurrency の諜報機関 CryptoIQ の共同創設者。
この排他的な意見の部分は、CoinDesk の「ビットコインで 10: ザ聡白書」意見シリーズの一部です。

聡-bitcoin と革新の爆発してくれたホワイト ペーパーが公開後 10 年間それを開始-その変革の力でびっくりするのに進みます。

私にとって、これは bitcoin と cryptocurrency の最も重要な側面: ポウの伝達に於いての役割.

One of bitcoin's earliest entrepreneurs, Charlie Shrem is the former founder of BitInstant and co-founder of cryptocurrency intelligence service CryptoIQ.
This exclusive opinion piece is part of CoinDesk's "Bitcoin at 10: The Satoshi White Paper" opinion series.

Ten years after Satoshi published the white paper that gave us bitcoin – and the explosion of innovation it launched – I continue to be astounded at its transformative power.
Money is such a fundamental part of life, and it has played such a huge role in mine, for good and bad. Bitcoin is the awakened sleeping giant of it all because it has fundamentally and forever changed money and, more importantly, money's seat of power.

For me, this is the most important aspect of bitcoin and cryptocurrency: its role in propagating powe...

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