Robinhood CEO: It's 'Very Foolish' to Rule Out Bitcoin



モバイル取引アプリ ロビンフッド最初、共同 CEO Vlad Tenev は水曜日に CB の洞察力の未来のフィンテック会見で述べた機能を発表した後の日に cryptocurrencies を取引する以上 100 万人が申し込んだ。
投資のアプリと web プラットフォームの共同創設者だったここ数ヶ月にわたって見て価格の下落にもかかわらず bitcoin で強気「この資産が重要な持久力、持久力ある」と言って
追加その bitcoin の価格、特に前に、似たようなパターンで変動している Tenev 指摘した:「bitcoin を行うと言うのは大きな間違いだ」

ロビンフッド、株式取引の一般の人へのオープン アクセスに求められているマイクロファイナンス投資アプリ飛び乗った cryptocurrency ワゴン今年、CoinDesk で報告されているようです。
Tenev は水曜日に「ar。.

More than 1 million people signed up to trade cryptocurrencies in the days after mobile trading app Robinhood first announced the feature, co-CEO Vlad Tenev said at CB Insights' Future of Fintech conference on Wednesday.
The co-founder of the investing app and web platform was bullish on bitcoin despite the price declines seen over the last few months, saying "this asset has staying power, significant staying power."
Tenev noted that bitcoin's price, in particular, has fluctuated in similar patterns before, adding:
"It's very foolish to say bitcoin is done." 

Robinhood, a micro-finance investing app which sought to open access to stock trading to the general public, jumped on the cryptocurrency wagon earlier this year, as previously reported by CoinDesk.
Tenev said Wednesday that "ar...

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