US Court Seizes Lambo, Crypto Millions from Dead Dark Web Kingpin

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9 月 6 日 (木曜日)、フレズノ部カリフォルニア州東部地区の米連邦地方裁判所の資産とアレクサンドル ・ Cazes、犯したカナダの国民に属していた財産を押収する 14 カ月間市民没収場合は結論づけた昨年の夏-ダークネット市場 AlphaBay の容疑で逮捕された後の日はタイの刑務所で首吊り自殺。
その死は彼の立っている試みを妨げた、Cazes は促進して、それが彼の外の劇的な対決で法執行機関によってシャット ダウンまで米国と AlphaBay の海外顧客に違法な商品やサービスの販売から利益を得たと主張してどこ彼は導かれた手錠の陰謀容疑に関連する個人情報の盗難、詐欺、恐喝、人身売買の主な居住地、.

On Thursday, September 6, the Fresno Division of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California concluded a 14-month-long civil forfeiture case to seize assets and property that belonged to Alexandre Cazes, the Canadian national who committed suicide by hanging in Thai prison last summer – days after being arrested on suspicion of operating the darknet marketplace AlphaBay.
Cazes, whose death prevented him from standing trial, is alleged to have facilitated and profited from sales of illegal goods and services to U.S. and overseas customers on AlphaBay until it was shut down by law enforcement in a dramatic confrontation outside of his primary residence, where he was led off in handcuffs on conspiracy charges related to identity theft, fraud, racketeering, trafficking a...

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