Bitcoin Price Hits 7-Month High Against Turkish Lira

Turkish lira


Bitcoin (BTC) は、月曜日にトルコの国の通貨、リラ (TRY) に対して 7 ヶ月ぶりの高値に上昇しました。
結果経済の衝撃波は、リラの新しい有効期間 7.20 の低試し米ドルに対して、先週 27% がすでに落として後にドロップを見ています。今年に入ってごとにリラが米ドルに対して 80% 以上ダウンです。
リラのクラッシュに見える非常にトルコでは、安全な避難所の資産として bitcoin の命題を増加する可能性が高いと 47,192 までを撮影 cryptocurrency の価格 Bitfinex のデータによると今日以前 – 1 月 21 日以来の高水準を試しています。プレス時に、図は t 若干低下していた.

Bitcoin (BTC) jumped to seven-month highs against Turkey's national currency, the lira (TRY), on Monday.
The price spike comes after the U.S. imposed sanctions against Turkey on Friday for continuing to hold an American pastor in custody.
The resultant economic shock-wave has seen the lira drop to a new lifetime low of 7.20 TRY against the U.S. dollar today, after already having dropped 27 percent last week. On a year-to-date basis, the lira is down more than 80 percent against the greenback.
The crash in the lira looks very likely to be increasing bitcoin's proposition as a safe-haven asset in Turkey, and the price of the cryptocurrency shot up to 47,192 TRY earlier today – the highest level since January 21, according to Bitfinex data. At press time, the figure had dropped slightly t...

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