Blockchain Could Boost Trade Finance by $1 Trillion, WEF Research Says



Blockchain は、新しい研究は言うグローバル貿易金融に $ 1 兆 5000 億ドル需給ギャップの多くの新興市場で小型、中型企業 (Sme) のための融資の緩和によって埋めることができます。

Blockchain is able to fill in much of the $1.5 trillion-dollar supply-demand gap in global trade finance by easing financing for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets, new research says.
Jointly conducted and released by the World Economic Forum and Bain & Company, the research indicates that, by deploying blockchain, global businesses can generate an extra $1 trillion in trade finance that would otherwise be missed out on.
According to an Asian Development Bank calculation, the global trade finance gap is currently at $1.5 trillion and is estimated to grow to $2.4 trillion by 2025. The research further explains that this issue largely arises from limited access to credit and loans for SMEs that are looking to expand their businesses.
The researchers argue,...

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