Bitcoin Prices Stabilize Above $6K – But Will They Stay?

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Bitcoin (BTC) は水曜日では、90 日間の安値から 6% 回復をした即時の弱気の見通しを中和します。
一流の cryptocurrency は約 16:30 $6,108 の落ちた UTC 昨日 Bitfinex – 2 月 6 日-以来の低水準昨日の毎日の相対力指数 (RSI) は, すでに売られ過ぎの条件を強化します。
したがって、$6,500 のレベルにその後の回復は現在は驚くとその bitcoin 見つけた可能性があります一時的な底約 6,100 ドルを示します。しかし、長期的な技術的なセットアップまま弱気、ボロボロの雄牛が新鮮な入札で市場に出回る前にクマの枯渇の強力な証拠を見たいです。
その結果、市場は次の 48 時間にわたって方向性に残ることができた、出物があれば後でチップ、.

Bitcoin (BTC) has made a 6 percent recovery from the 90-day low hit on Wednesday, neutralizing the immediate bearish outlook.
The leading cryptocurrency fell to $6,108 at around 16:30 UTC yesterday on Bitfinex – its lowest level since February 6 – bolstering the already oversold conditions shown by the daily relative strength index (RSI) yesterday.
Hence, the subsequent recovery to $6,500 levels currently is hardly surprising and indicates that bitcoin may have found a temporary bottom around $6,100. However, long-run technical setup remains bearish and the battered bulls will want to see stronger evidence of bear exhaustion before hitting the market with fresh bids.
Consequently, the market could remain directionless over the next 48 hours and bargain hunters may chip in later if the ...

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