Robinhood's Plan to Win the Crypto Exchange War? Kill Trading Fees



Cryptocurrency フィールドに新規参入、Vlad Tenev、オンライン投資証券、ロビンフッドの共同 CEO は次の由緒あるビジネス戦略: 競争をアンダー カットします。
彼の会社の同名の民俗英雄に沿った良いのための力としてこの努力をフレーミング、Tenev 語ったの CoinDesk 彼は cryptocurrencies、特に若い新世紀、"だま 4 ~ 5% トランザクションからの投資を探している消費者を防止したいです。経費」「スケッチの外交交流」

消費者がエッジ righ ロビンフッドを与える可能性があります提供 0 コストの取引を中.

As a new entrant into the cryptocurrency field, Vlad Tenev, co-CEO of online investment brokerage Robinhood, is following a time-honored business strategy: Undercut the competition.
Except he's taking it to an extreme.
Launched early this year, Robinhood Crypto is differentiating itself with zero-fee transactions, with the ultimate goal of doing away with the concept of trading fees in the market altogether.
Framing this effort as a force for good in line with his company's namesake folk hero, Tenev told CoinDesk he wanted to prevent consumers looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, especially young millennials, from getting "ripped off with 4 to 5 percent transaction fees" on "sketchy foreign exchanges."

And while offering zero-cost trades to consumers may give Robinhood an edge righ...

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