Korea's Biggest Crypto Exchange Raided Over Suspected Fraud


韓国の検察が伝えられる国、UPbit で最大の cryptocurrency 交換を家宅捜索します。
CoinDesk 韓国によると国の首都、ソウル南部地区の検察官のオフィスからの調査官の交換の本社、江南地区の 5 月 10-11 で検索。
UPbit は、容疑者は cryptocurrency を実際に保持しない、レポートによると顧客に販売のための詐欺の疑いがあります。"我々 はハード ディスクおよび没収し会計帳簿を確保しています。分析は数日かかると予想、「検事の事務所と述べた。
CoinDesk 韓国でコメントを求められたとき、UPbit 代表は言った、「この時点で私答えることができないこの発作について何か」。

ただし、exchange のサポート web サイトは、investigatio を確認する.

Prosecutors in South Korea have reportedly raided the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country, UPbit.
According to CoinDesk Korea, investigators from the Prosecutors' Office of the southern district of Seoul, the country's capital, searched the head office of the exchange in the Gangnam-gu district on May 10-11.
UPbit is suspected of fraud for allegedly selling cryptocurrency to customers that it does not actually hold, according to the report. "We have secured hard disks and accounting books through confiscation. Analysis is expected to take days," the Prosecutors' Office stated.
When asked for comment by CoinDesk Korea, an UPbit representative said, "At this time, I can not answer anything about this seizure."

However, the exchange's support website confirms the investigatio...


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