At Ethereal Summit, A Human Face On A Blockchain Future

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「上げるあなたの手は、どのような 'bitcoin マイニング」がわからない場合は実際には」。
即興 Q

"Raise your hand if you don't know what 'bitcoin mining' actually is."
At an impromptu Q&A at Ethereal Summit on May 11, Consensys software engineer Ashoka Finley encouraged the audience to ask embarrassing questions they might have about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
"What's 'hashing'? Don't know what a bitcoin is?" Finley went on, encouraging attendees.
The questions spoke to the sentiment on day one of the two-day conference hosted by the company, a Brooklyn-based ethereum startup incubator, characterizing the inclusive atmosphere CEO Joseph Lubin appeared to be aiming for with the whimsical conference set in New York City.

Indeed, there was no shortage of eager blockchain enthusiasts onhand to discuss how they hope blockchain can change society and the world.
While cryptocur...


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