Cboe's Head of Equity Options Just Joined a Blockchain Startup

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Blockchain 起動 AlphaPoint Cboe グローバル市場、シカゴ取引所の親から幹部を採用しています。
排他的に CoinDesk を明らかにした、カピル Rathi は新しく作成された位置の市場取引のグローバル ・ ヘッドとして AlphaPoint に入社し、取引や交流事業を担当します。彼は株式オプションの Cboe の頭では以前、以前ニューヨーク証券取引所、伊勢 (今ナスダックの一部)、2017 年に買収した Cboe バット グローバル市場で働いていた。
Rathi 彼が、最後の年と半分関心を持つ AlphaPoint を見て、それは市場に新製品をもたらす支援機関の進歩を賞賛 CoinDesk に語った。彼の新しい仕事で彼ことを「改善し橋の主流金融連携を.。

Blockchain startup AlphaPoint has hired a senior executive from Cboe Global Markets, the parent of the Chicago Board of Exchange.
Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Kapil Rathi joined AlphaPoint as global head of trading markets,  a newly created position, and will be in charge of the company's trading and exchange business. He was previously Cboe's head of equity options, and earlier worked at the New York Stock Exchange, ISE (now a part of Nasdaq) and Bats Global Markets, which Cboe acquired in 2017.
Rathi told CoinDesk that he has been watching AlphaPoint for the last year and a half with interest and admired the progress it made helping institutions bring new products to market. At his new job, he will be looking to "improve and bridge the collaboration between mainstream finance a...

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