'Crypto Assets Are Here to Stay,' Says EU Commission Vice President

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欧州委員会、EU のための立法を提案する執行機関が今年締結暗号資産のガバナンスのための規制の評価が"ここに滞在、「高レベル公式と述べた。
グラフ規制、cryptocurrency に支持の移動の経済・金融理事先週の金曜日、Valdis ドムブロフスキス、欧州委員会の副大統領の会議は、加盟国と言った後の記者会見で話す経済地域の産業。
ドムブロフスキスは言った:「我々 も良い暗号資産に関する意見交換があった。滞在する暗号資産がここにいることがわかります。最近の混乱にもかかわらずこの市場成長を続けています。"

さらに、彼は初期コイン製品 (アイコス) になる可能性があることを示唆.

The European Commission, the executive body that proposes legislation for the EU, will this year conclude a regulatory assessment for the governance of crypto assets, because they are "here to stay," a high-level has official said.
Speaking at a press conference after a meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council last Friday, Valdis Dombrovskis, vice president of the European Commission, said member states are supportive of moves to chart regulations governing the cryptocurrency industry in the economic region.
Dombrovskis said:
"We also had a good exchange of views on crypto-assets. We see that crypto-assets are here to stay. Despite the recent turbulence, this market continues to grow."

Further, he suggested that initial coin offerings (ICOs) have the potential to become ...

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