UPS Eyes Blockchain in Bid to Track Global Shipping Data



巨大な UPS を出荷パッケージを世界中に送信するための分散システムの一部として blockchain を使用して新しい特許を提出しています。
特許出願は、米国特許商標庁 (USPTO) によって 8 月 16 日掲載はさらに、世界中の貨物の移動方法を再想像する blockchain を使用して会社の関心を明らかにします。
CoinDesk が以前報告した UPS 2017 年に blockchain の輸送に焦点を当てたコンソーシアムに参加しました、propos を通じて bitcoin の考えも示唆している.

Shipping giant UPS has filed for a new patent that uses blockchain as part of a distributed system for sending packages worldwide.
The patent application, published on Aug. 16 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), further reveals the company's interest in using blockchain to re-envision how shipments move around the world.
Entitled "Autonomous services selection system and distributed transportation database(s)," the concept involves storing numerous types of data within a distributed ledger network, including information about a package's destination, its movement and transportation plans for shipment units.
As CoinDesk previously reported, UPS joined a transportation-focused blockchain consortium in 2017 and has even hinted at the idea of accepting bitcoin through a propos...

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