Researchers Build Blockchain Electricity Exchange They Say Cuts Waste

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中国のトップ大学の 1 つから彼らは暗号の資産のための分散型 exchange を開発しているが、未使用の発電の仕組みを設定します特許出願 1 月に中国の復旦大学からのチームによって提出され、金曜日に明らかにしたというネットワーク上のノードとして電力の売り手と買い手を割り当て、安全にすることができます blockchain ベースの電気交換のサード パーティの中間送信先なし未使用の電気を交換します。

Researchers from one of the top universities in China say they have developed a decentralized exchange, not for crypto assets, but for unused power
A patent application filed by team from China's Fudan University in January and revealed on Friday sets out the workings of a blockchain-based electricity exchange that assigns power sellers and buyers as nodes on the network and allows them to securely trade unused electricity without a third-party intermediary.
Using the network, nodes can broadcast requests for sales or purchases, after which smart contracts will connect matching requests, based on data such as volume and price, and then trigger transactions – a mechanism similar to that of a decentralized crypto exchange.
The effort is a response to the growing supply of renewable energ...

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