Digital Assets Don't Change Reporting Needs, SEC's Top Accountant Says



証券取引委員会の会計責任者は、その企業会計の基準に従う blockchain とデジタル資産を操作するときに責任があると述べています。
銀行に米国公認会計士協会全国大会前にウェスリー ブリッカー スポーク

The chief accountant for the Securities and Exchange Commission has said that companies have a responsibility to follow accounting standards when working with blockchain and digital assets.
Wesley Bricker spoke before the AICPA National Conference on Banks & Saving Institutions in Washington, D.C., on Monday, remarking that "it is essential to keep in mind that innovations in technology can be the ally of a company's business and financial reporting activities, not their opponent."
Blockchain applications were one of the major focuses in Bricker's speech, coming less than a year after he advocated that accountants in the U.S. get up to speed on information about cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. At the time, he spoke directly about companies or people that conduct initial ...

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