JD.com Rolls Out Blockchain Platform With Its First App

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中国電子商取引大手 JD.com を立ち上げた最初のアプリと一緒に blockchain サービスとしてのプラットフォーム-デジタル公開、最大のいずれかの企業の請求書を追跡 1 つ取引で中国の保険会社。
金曜日にリリースでは、JD.com によるとアプリケーションは、発行サイクルの各段階で分散ネットワーク上に太平洋保険の請求書データを移動、プロセスを自動化し、すべての参加者に表示すること。
アプリの目標として電子商取引巨人では説明は発行効率を高めるとする distribut 更新請求書データを保つことによって会計プロセスを合理化する.

Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has launched a blockchain-as-a-service platform alongside its first app – one that digitally tracks corporate invoices for one of the largest publicly traded insurers in China.
According to a release on Friday, JD.com said the application moves invoice data for Pacific Insurance onto a distributed network at each step of the issuance cycle, automating the process and making it visible to all participants.
Invoices, or more commonly known as "Fapiao" in China, play an important role among businesses in the country both as a reference for bookkeeping and for taxation purposes.
The goal of the app, as explained by the e-commerce giant, is to boost issuance efficiency and to streamline the accounting process by keeping the invoice data updated on a distribut...

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