Bitcoin Trading Is Illegal in Saudi Arabia, Warn Watchdogs

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サウジアラビア当局から成る政府委員会は、cryptocurrency の取引がイギリスで法的ではないことを明らかにする文を発行しています。
日曜に出された声明によると常任委員会は、ために cryptocurrencies での取引に対して警告した「負の結果と高リスクのトレーダーら政府の監督している」。

結果は cryptocurrencies で取引する当事者のためにかもしれないを示すステートメントがありません。
最高の法令、不正な S に関する意識の常任委員会によって持って来られる.

A governmental committee comprised of Saudi Arabian regulators has issued a statement clarifying that cryptocurrency trading is illegal in the kingdom.
According to a statement issued Sunday, the standing committee warned against trading in cryptocurrencies due to "negative consequences and high risks on traders as they are out of government supervision."
It went on to clarify:
"The committee assured that virtual currency including, for example but not limited to, the Bitcoins are illegal in the kingdom and no parties or individuals are licensed for such practices."

The statement does not indicate what the consequences might be for parties found to be trading in cryptocurrencies.
Brought into being by a supreme decree, the Standing Committee for Awareness on Dealing in Unauthorized S...

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