Walmart Looks to Blockchain for Retail Product Resales



消費者のためのデジタル製品を強化するために blockchain の使用方法小売大手ウォルマート ショーから新たな特許出願。
文書は、米国特許および商標庁アウトライン格納する項目をトラックする blockchain 元帳を特定の顧客に販売して先週の木曜日をリリースしました。関連するアプリケーションの数を起こしたと食品を追跡するための技術を操縦してもウォルマートで知的財産権再生の最新の例です。

A new patent application from retail giant Walmart shows how blockchain could be used to augment its digital offerings for consumers.
The document, released last Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, outlines a blockchain ledger which would track the items that stores sell to a particular customer. It's the latest example of an intellectual property play by Walmart, which has filed a number of related applications and has also piloted the tech for tracking food products.
The proposed system would allow a customer to register the item after it's bought for the first time. The customer would then be able to choose a price for a resale, with the system itself acting essentially as a digital marketplace, according to the application.
Perhaps just as notable is the fact that the...

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