G20 Crypto Regulations Could Unleash Real Blockchain Change



ジョナサン ・ m ・ パディーヤはこの記事が適応されましたから清華大学の論文「新しい規制の、新しい経済: A 提案 G20 での規制の Cryptocurrency、」を書いた彼のシュワルツマン学者です。
彼は blockchain 統合の主要な電子商取引および天然資源会社をお勧めして、政府と政治の背景です。

今年の 3 月に G20 の中央銀行と蔵相は、ブエノスアイレス グローバルなインフラストラクチャへの投資に国際貿易からのすべてを議論するために会った。Blockchain の採用はより広範囲になるし、cryptocurrency 市場を得る次のより広範な政府の規制当局や政治俳優の注目を集めている cryptocurrency の規則のようなトピック.

Jonathan M. Padilla is a Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University where he wrote the dissertation "New Regulations for the New Economy: A Proposal for the G20 on the Regulation of Cryptocurrency," from which this article was adapted.
He has advised major e-commerce and natural resource companies on blockchain integration and has a background in government and politics.

In March of this year, G20 central bankers and finance ministers met in Buenos Aires to discuss everything from international trade to investment in global infrastructure. Among the topics covered was the regulation of cryptocurrency, which has attracted the growing attention of government regulators and political actors as blockchain adoption becomes more widespread and cryptocurrency markets gain a broader following....

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