Energy Firm Discloses Major Crypto Losses Amid Blockchain Rebrand

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公開香港と中国の億万長者が議長を務めるエネルギー会社は、cryptocurrencies に投資する数百万を失ったにもかかわらず blockchain の会社として、自社ブランドする予定です。
呼ばれる地球のエネルギー資源国際グループ、会社は暗号領域に移動を最近与えられた月曜日は「グローバル トークン限定、」に中国の名前を変更しようとしてそれを示すには、香港証券取引所での提案を提出しました。
出願に基づいて、会社は過去数ヶ月以上開始した取引プラットフォーム技術ソリューション暗号資産と blockchain での投資し同様、香港に拠点を置く cryptocurrency。
「2018 年 1 月 18 日同社が発表した、持っていた決議約 HK$ 5000 万 ($ 630 万). unut のを再割り当て

An energy firm that is publicly traded in Hong Kong and chaired by a Chinese billionaire is planning to rebrand itself as a blockchain company despite having lost millions investing in cryptocurrencies.
Called Global Energy Resources International Group, the firm filed a proposal with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Monday indicating it seeks to change its Chinese name to "Global Token Limited," given its recent move into the crypto space.
Based on the filing, the firm has over the past several months launched cryptocurrency trading platforms based in Hong Kong, as well as making investments in crypto assets and blockchain technology solutions.
"As announced by the Company on 18 January 2018, the Board had resolved to re-allocate approximately HK$50.0 million ($6.3 million) of the unut...

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