Bank of Italy Official: Central Banks Not Ready to Issue Digital Currencies

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ファビオ パネッタは、SUERF の基調演説を提供し、BAFFI CAREFIN センター会議ボッコーニ大学で開催します。彼の発言になった最新デジタル、通貨を発行する中央銀行の可能性を議論する bitcoin またはいくつかの blockchain を支える概念のような cryptocurrencies の組み込む要素を含む
同時に、パネッタは cryptocurrencies から会話は距離によって彼の基調講演を始めた。
彼は (彼の発言は、国際決済銀行発行の成績証明書) によるとの発言として引用された: 実際 - と同じように紙幣 -、.

Central banks aren't ready – at least in the short-term – to handle the implications of launching wholly digital currencies, the deputy governor of the Bank of Italy said Thursday.
Fabio Panetta delivered the keynote address for the SUERF and BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Conference held at Bocconi University. In his remarks, he became the latest to discuss the possibility for central banks to issue currencies digitally, including those that incorporate elements of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or some of the concepts that underpin blockchain.
At the same time, Panetta began his keynote by distancing the conversation from cryptocurrencies.
He was quoted as saying (according to a transcript of his remarks published by the Bank of International Settlements):

"In fact - just like banknotes - a [...

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