Crypto Money Market Compound Lets You HODL and Earn



下の市場で特にそれら hodling 暗号するが大好きです。Ethereum ベースのスタートアップ化合物だけで製品の発売です。
排他的に CoinDesk を明らかにした、化合物のプラットフォームの保有を短期借入金で使用できるように許可する暗号愛好家のため順番、暗号でこれらの貸付金の利子を獲得発売 ethereum blockchain の今日。


Wouldn't it be nice to earn interest on your crypto holdings?
Especially in a down market, those hodling crypto would love that. And ethereum-based startup Compound is launching a product to do just that.
Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Compound's platform for allowing crypto enthusiasts to make their holdings available for short-term loans, in turn, earning interest on those loans in crypto, launched on the ethereum blockchain today.
Compound is creating what the traditional financial world refers to as a money market – a fund that provides short-term loans at a flat, publicly stated rate. Investors put funds into a pool, loans get made against it and when the investor wants to withdraw, they get a share of the profit proportionate to their investment.

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