Code Is Speech: Amir Taaki on Crypto's Debt to Phil Zimmerman

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アミール Taaki libbitcoin、最初の代替 bitcoin 実装を作成しエレクトラム、Darkwallet、プライバシー市場など財布に取り組んで、分散技術。

私は最近フィル ジマーマン、PGP、大衆のための世界の最初自由に利用可能な暗号化ソフトウェアの作成者を会議の名誉があった。
ツィンマーマンはなんとか破壊メカニズムを通じて米国を敗北させ、言論の自由の一形態としてコードを祭るとき、PGP (これは"かなり良い"プライバシー立って) の開発は社会政治的な原因をだった。

そのため、cryptocurrency コミュニティ、時から改作の価値がある 1 つの井戸のための基礎的な物語です。

Amir Taaki created libbitcoin, the first alternative bitcoin implementation, and worked on wallets such as Electrum and Darkwallet, as well as privacy markets and decentralized technologies.
Currently, he is establishing an academy in Barcelona to train hackers to work on revolutionary technology projects.

I recently had the honor of meeting Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, the world's first freely available encryption software for the masses.
The development of PGP (which stood for "pretty good privacy") was a socio-political cause when Zimmermann managed to defeat the United States through a subversive mechanism and enshrine code as a form of free speech.

As such, it's a foundational tale for the cryptocurrency community, one well worth retelling from time to time.
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