Blockstack's First Business App Wants to Help Employees Earn More Crypto

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Cryptocurrency 分散するお金の世界は、新しい bitcoin 財布スタートアップは、作品の世界観を分散にも役立つかもしれないと考えています。
排他的に CoinDesk を明らかにした、Misthos を開始したその多重署名財布月曜日 Blockstack の分散アプリケーション プラットフォーム上に。プロジェクト チーム、投資事業組合、divvying 彼らの個々 のメンバーの間で (bitcoin として受け取った) 収入を管理する他のアドホック ベンチャー Blockstack、財布で起動された最初のエンタープライズ製品の 1 つです。

If cryptocurrency is decentralizing the world of money, a new bitcoin wallet startup thinks it could also help decentralize the world of work.
Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Misthos launched its multi-signature wallet Monday on top of Blockstack's decentralized application platform. One of the first enterprise products launched on Blockstack, the wallet is designed for project teams, investment partnerships and other ad hoc ventures to manage the divvying up of income (received as bitcoin) among their individual members.
These organizations, which often form to carry out a specific objective before disbanding (more like a Hollywood production than a corporation), "want to have transparency into where their cash is going and want to be able to distribute their income in a fair way," ...

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